Sunday, June 18, 2006

SUN, JUNE 18: Iced tea

Spent the day researching buildings with Kramer. We found the best sweet iced tea ever made.
And birds on lilypads.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

SAT, JUNE 17: Lisa's farewell

I went to visit Kramer. He smokes cigars.
He still has Belgian beer. I drank mine.
We had to go explore places for class. We went to Alfons X!
Alfons X has flowers.
Alfons X has benches. Kramer and Mark experimented.
Is that a bridge on a mountain?
Yes, a bridge on a mountain!
Don't look down.
There's another mountain over there.
Surely, we should climb it.
Birds and skulls. Yeah.
Carnival rides. Yeah.
It's Lisa's last day in Barcelona! We took her out to eat.
Liver and stomach and brains on the menu. I'm sure she loved it.
We got the brains.
And the fish.
And a whisky tart. It came with a bottle of whisky.
On the way home there were fireworks. Probably for Lisa.
And flaming jump ropes.
And a dragon.
And beer.

Brains and fire and beer. It seems so obvious in retrospect.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

JUNE 9: Brussels

Holland is boring, so we caught a train.
Oh, look. Brussels.
Brussels has beautiful streets.
And beautiful squares.
And beautiful old things.And terrified statues.
And more punk kids.We rode a stray elevator... get our nice view on.
We nicely viewed this thing.
And nicely got lost.
And nicely found the European Parliament.
...which wasn't nearly as nice as the waffles.Belgium has many beers.
Trains are so dreadfully European.
Nice waffles.