Sunday, July 23, 2006

Summer 2006 Sountrack:

Barcelona, Spain
--- I'm Going to Spain - The Fall
London, England
--- The Greater London Radio - Hefner
Amsterdam, Netherlands
--- Holland 1945 - Neutral Milk Hotel
--- Vincent Van Gogh - Jonathan Richman
Brussels, Belgium
--- 23 Minutes in Brussels - Luna
Venice and Rome, Italy
--- Ninteen in Naples - Jonathan Richman
Berlin, Germany
--- Memphis, Egypt - The Mekons
Dublin, Ireland
--- Just Because I'm Irish - Jonathan Richman
Paris, France
--- Bored in Paris - Ultrababyfat
--- French Style - Jonathan Richman
--- Give Paris One More Chance - Jonathan Richman
Stockholm, Sweden
--- My What a Strange Day With a Swede - Of Montreal
--- Stockholm Syndrome - Yo La Tengo
July 18-22: Stockholm Syndrome

We went to Paris because it's famous. They have a bigger Arc de Triomf than Barcelona.
And some modern Arcs, too.
Mostly they have parks.
We found some modern art on the ground.
So we went to the Modern Art museum. We saw the Jean-Luc Godard exhibit.
Paris has a famous tower.

Sometimes it glows.
Paris was expensive, so we went to Sweden.
They speak English, but write in tongues.
There's a viking museum...
And peacocks...

Sheep...And wild crab-apples.

It's like the country-side in the middle of a city.

My what a strange day.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

July 3 - 16: Homework

July was dedicated to school.

I did some Computational Photography homework.

Studied markets for Sabir.

Studied lunch for Sabir.

Studied scamming people on Las Ramblas...

And studied the beach a little, too.

We've learned so much.
JULY 14-15: Summercase

Afghan Singers, Twilight Whigs

Belle & Sebastian

Super Furry Animals
The Spinto Band
Massive Attack

New Order!
Bizarre Love Triangle
Love will tear us apart

Dance to the radio.

Monday, July 03, 2006

JUNE 30 - JULY 2: Fighting Irish

Dublin has a large spike.

Dublin has graffiti.
Dublin has a white house.

Dublin has Guinness.

They draw shamrocks in the beer.
Dublin attacked us so we went to the dangerous cliffs.

Those were really nice cliffs.
Wild mountain penguins of the Irish coast.

The little restaraunt on the coast served awesome fish chowder.
Ireland is beautiful and vicious.
JUNE 27 - 29: Great Wall of Berlin

We came to Germany.

Berlin is all about walls.

When they run out of Berlin Wall, they graffiti on anything else.

Germans are crazy. They built a giant football with a slide.

Only the Germans would think up an "emergency slide."

They have a funny language.

There was a neat bridge near our hostel.

It played Rock-Paper-Scissors with itself. East Berlin wins.

Here's the Egypt bear.

They believe in nothing.