Sunday, May 28, 2006

SUN, MAY 28: Bench study

Awake at the crack of afternoon to do laundry. ..

Then off to the subway...

...and into The Labyrinth!

Mark tests a bench for functionality.

But Robert has found a better one.

A table is tested...

But found to be unsatisfactory.

The group gets lost in a hedge maze.

A bitter spaniard lurks within.

From the outside it seems less menacing...

...thanks to swans and ugly ducks.

Trees grow more dense as we head up the mountain.

Mark is confused by a gate.

At the top of the hill is a large pool.

A prime spot for bench-testing.

Mark pisses off one more local...

...and we leave the benches to their fate.

Until we sit again.
FRI, MAY 26: Eric's Birthday

Socialists don't believe in privitization. They all share a cyclops.

Sabir taught us to utilize public space.

Mark got too comfy.

Eric is excited about turning 22.

The next day is unimportant.
THUR, MAY 25: Raval

Class trip to the Raval. We found graffiti.

We found architecture.

We found juxtaposition.

We found skateboarders.

We found stickers.

Sabir explained what it all means.

MON, MAY 22 - TUE, MAY 23: El Mismo

We saw some buildings in the daytime....

And an ostrich...

Eric went to class...

So did Mark...

Class is at the base of some mountains.

Class ended and we went home.

We saw some more buildings in the night time.

How typical.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

SUN, MAY 21: La Playa

The weather is nice, so the locals play soccer.

A good time for the beach!

Fishermen and sailors beat us there... did this enormous catamaran.

Windsurfing looks fun.

Snorkling with jellyfish? Not as much fun.

Don't they ever get tired of this perfect weather?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

SAT, MAY 20: Montjuic

A couple hours of sleep, then we're off to Montjuic. A motorcycle convention greeted us at the base.

A couple mandatory tourist shots...

...and up we go!

A clumsy man takes our picture...

And we start to wander. But wait!

An Olympic stadium!

And some modern art!

There are always more stairs in Barcelona...

But what a reward!

The peak of Montjuic hosts a military museum.

Nobody ever took the Spanish army seriously.

Robert was undecided at first...

...and reflected deeply on the issues at hand...

...but left Montjuic as a happier man.

A trip to the beach to rest our legs...

Then sleep.